Ranking the 25 best left-backs in the world at the moment

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  • A series that ranks the best players in the world today in each position.
  • Left-back is another important position in the backfield that plays an important role in both offense and defence.
  • And here are the 25 left-backs who are said to be the best in the world at the moment.
Ranking the 25 best left-backs in the world at the moment

Choosing the best players in the world in each position I must say that it is very difficult to rank to the liking of many people, but of course this is the fun of football, sitting and talking about who is better than who.

Choosing the best players in the world in each position I must say that it is very difficult to rank to the liking of many people, but of course this is the fun of football, sitting and talking about who is better than who.

And here is a list of 25 people who have been selected as the best left-backs at the moment from 90min. Who will they be? Let’s go see.

Ranking the 25 best left-backs in the world at the moment.

25. Lucas Beraldo

A 20-year-old Brazilian defender who just moved to Paris Saint-Germain in January. Which he is good enough to insert into the team as a main player Plus, he can play both as a back and as a central defender.

24. Emerson Palmeiri

Another Brazilian back who moved from Chelsea to join West Ham before becoming a main player at the London Stadium and being an important force for the Hammers, leading the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team to success over the last two seasons.

23. Alfie Daugherty

No-name back from Luton Town, although the team’s performance is not very good. But his personal performance was so great that he successfully made a name for himself in the wing-back position that focused on attacking games and was able to create beautiful opportunities for the team many times throughout the past season.

22. Anthony Robinson

An American star from Fulham who has firmly been a mainstay at Craven Cottage over the years. His highlight lies in his offensive game. has high speed Goes with the ball so well that it can be said that it’s almost like he’s another winger.

21. Cristiano Birachi

An Italian left-back with outstanding performance with Fiorentina, his excellent performance led the team to the UEFA Europa Conference finals. His trick is to play a steady ball that is accurate like placing it.

20. Andrea Cambiaso

Another Italian back. with outstanding performance with Juventus. Even though this is his first season with the Zebras, it can be said that this eye-catching form will definitely continue for a long time, both with the club and the national team.

19. Jose Gaya

The Spanish left-back is probably well known among football players because he is “good” in almost every game. Even though he plays with a team not as big as Valencia, his performance is outstanding and is one of the key forces. The fierce bull army has been gone throughout the past period.

18. David Rum

A German attacking back who has had outstanding results since playing with Hoffenheim before becoming the main player for RB Leipzig today with a playing style that emphasizes attacking and catching him. Being a wing-back is the right position to bring out his full potential.

17. Luca Netz

The rising star is only 20 years old but has already been called up to the Germany national team. With an outstanding performance with Borussia Monchengladbach causing many people to already refer to him as the “New Phillip Lahm”

16. Rafael Guerreiro

A veteran left-back from Portugal who has achieved great success both for club and national team, most famous during his playing career with Borussia Dortmund. Even though he is now old, he is still making an impact. Works consistently with giant teams like Bayern Munich at present.

15. Ben Chilwell

An English back who rose to prominence at Leicester before moving to be a main player for Chelsea despite being injured for a while. But in the end, he still returned to be the main player for the team and there is still a chance to be the main player on behalf of the national team if Luke Shaw returns to fitness in time for Euro 2024 in the middle of this year.

14. Nuno Mesdes

A Portuguese full-back who made his mark at a young age before being picked up by Paris Saint-Germain last season. Unfortunately, there were periods when he was seriously hurt. It remains to be seen whether if he returns to full fitness, he will be able to regain his good form or not.

13. Alejandro Balde

Another rising star who is famous for Barcelona and has already stepped up to play with the Spanish national team. But it appears his hamstring injury is holding him back from his full potential this season.

12. Pervis Estupian

The Ecuadorian full-back who made his debut playing for Villarreal, where under the management of Unai Emery, he was a key player who created opportunities on the left until Brighton signed him. last year’s team His highlight in the attacking game still remains until he continues to provide assists for the Seagulls team when he is on the field.

11. Samuel Lillo

Diego Simeone seems to be particularly fond of the Brazilian full-back. Because Atletico Madrid currently has this guy who has outstanding form on the left side, the kind that attacks until he takes the team through to the last 8 rounds in the Champions League. This season is finished.

10. Oleksandr Zinchenko

A Ukrainian back who has now moved to play with Arsenal, his performance was initially excellent in his role as an inverted full-back. Before being disturbed by injuries, the current playing form is not as continuous as it should be.

9. Miguel Gutierrez

A former Real Madrid kid who has now moved to make his name and fame with Girona and has performed outstandingly and is likely to step up to the Spanish national team soon.

8. Furlong Mendy

Real Madrid’s French left-back is another person who in almost every football game must have him on the team. From his strong and muscular body and his speed. which was referred to as the main player at the Santiago Bernabeu after Marcelo until there was a period when he was hit by injury for a while.

7. Luke Shaw

Regular left-back for the England national team, sent by Manchester United to compete. His personal performance is considered to be quite consistent and his offense is good. Unfortunately, injuries have started to hit him often lately.

6. Destiny Udoghi

An Italian left-back who moved from Udinese to Tottenham Hotspur, it wasn’t until the arrival of Postecoglou that he became a key player and excelled with his pace and game. Attack that is his highlight this season.

5. Federico DiMarco

Another Italian back who can play in a variety of positions on the left and can also function as a centre-back. His work with Inter is considered excellent both offensively and defensively, and he can also come out accurate on the ball and play aggressively and strong as well.

4. Andy Robertson

Scottish left-back entered by Liverpool in competition His work does not need to be described much as he was an important force in the era of Jurgen Klopp until the team returned to high success again in the past several years.

3. Alphonso Davies

Hardly a back with the Canadian international sometimes being promoted as an attacker on behalf of the national team. Some of them are even strikers. But the role that the player was born with at Bayern was to play on the left. There is also a possibility that in the middle of this year the team may be moved to play in another league.

2. Alex Grimaldo

A Spanish attacking back who has fully emerged with Bayer Leverkusen this season, it cannot be denied that he is the person behind the success of the drugstore army this season and has the potential to Has taken over as the real person in the shirt of the Fierce Bull in the middle of this year as well.

1. Theo Hernandez

A French back with outstanding performance for AC Milan, when talking about attacking, he is almost second to none among left-backs at the moment, both fast, strong, and good on the ball. Plus, it’s accurate and you can shoot it yourself. It can be said that it’s extremely complete.