Arteta reveals Pepe ready to play immediately if the team wants

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has lauded Nicolas Pepe for always being prepared. They ready to help the team, even if they don’t. Any chance to enter the field

Although moving with a very expensive price, but after not being able to get his own good form back, Nicolas Pepe has to sit down as a substitute only until there is news about the UFABET  team moving out all the time though. Nicolas Pepe wants to return to the starting XI. But vying for a place with the very best Bukayo Saka will not be an easy task. Plus Gabriel Martinelli. Started to do a lot better than before and was ready to squeeze in the real position as well.

In addition, Mikel Arteta previously gave Nicolas Pepe the opportunity to have a continuous start in the English Premier League, but with the performance in the field that is not very good. So had to sit down as a substitute again and now become a patient backup of Arsenal. But still good to get the opportunity to play in the Carabao Cup against Sunderland Land.Nicolas Pepe did not disappoint Mikel Arteta with one goal and two assists.

Mikel Arteta has praised Nicolas Pepe for being in good physical condition and ready to give his best if given the opportunity to play. Mikel Arteta saying. It’s not easy.