5 reasons why your sister is itchy Important things that women must know

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It is believed that women must have experienced itching in their younger sister’s area. This symptom can occur easily. Because even cleaning the younger sister was not done properly. It can cause itching, especially if girls let it go or don’t treat it quickly. It will cause the symptoms to spread and may lead to serious disease. Today we have gathered together the causes that cause itching in younger girls to share with you ladies. Everyone knows.

5 reasons why your sister is itchy Important things that women must know

1. There is more fungus in the vagina than normal.
sister itching This is partly due to the fact that the amount of fungus in the vagina is higher than normal. By increasing the number of fungi in the vagina. It will cause your sister to feel itchy and stinging. It may also cause vaginal discharge. In the case of women who have itching in the vicinity Most are caused by a fungal infection. Or caused by wearing underwear that is not completely dry. until causing dampness Including from using antibiotics for a long time.

2. Good and bad bacteria are not balanced.
In case of itching, sister along with vaginal discharge that has a foul odor It is a symptom caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina. This symptom may also be at risk for bacterial vaginosis.

3. It is a sexually transmitted disease.
sister itching or itching in the vaginal area along with a burning sensation while urinating You may also have vaginal discharge that is yellow or green. If these symptoms occur together That is considered a warning sign that it is possible to have a sexually transmitted disease. So if girls My sister has itching. It is recommended that you seek immediate treatment or consult a doctor. Because such symptoms may also be a warning sign of a serious disease.

4. Have some type of skin disease
For patients with allergies or asthma Often faced with dermatitis which the skin inflammation occurs It will look like a red rash or scab. And these symptoms are accompanied by itching. The itching caused by this disease Often itches in the younger sister’s area. and may spread to the vagina as well.

5. Have vulvar cancer
As for my sister’s itching. that bleeds and there is pain in the vaginal area Also found are wounds or skin changes from before. It is considered a warning sign of the risk of vulvar cancer. But at the same time Some patients with vulvar cancer do not experience itching at all. Therefore, it is recommended that women have regular internal examinations. Because if found early while the cancer has not spread It can be completely cured.

For us women Itching or vaginal itching It is considered a symptom that should not be overlooked at all. Because of the itching that occurs in that ทางเข้า ufabet area It is classified as a warning sign of various diseases. Therefore, don’t forget to frequently observe unusual symptoms that occur in your body.