A total of 7 ways to take care of “crispy dry hair” from being heated. Let’s come back to be soft again.

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The problem of hair stylists like us, both clamping, curling, and various blow dryers, is the problem of dry, damaged and crispy hair. That our hair is dry and damaged from the heat because in our hair there is moisture, sure enough. and when we applied heat to the hair The moisture in the hair will continue to lose until the hair becomes dry and damaged. And now, how should I revive dry and damaged hair from heat?… ? The answer is not difficult at all. Because today we have arranged 7 methods that can be easily done without having to reconcile with the mechanic. If you want to know how to do it, follow ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com me. 

A total of 7 ways to take care of "crispy dry hair" from being heated. Let's come back to be soft again.

7 ways to take care of ‘crispy dry hair’ from ‘heating’ 

1. Marinate with coconut oil or olive oil before washing.

This method is very easy. Just go buy coconut oil or olive oil. And after that, pour it into your hands and apply it on the hair, but only from the ends of the hair to the middle of the hair is enough. Otherwise the scalp will be oily. Leave it for 15 – 30 minutes, then rinse and prepare to wash your hair. Just this, the dry and damaged hair will begin to be nourished and also help the hair to be soft, smooth, easy to comb, not tangled. This method is a very basic method, no matter how I lose. Can’t think of anything, I recommend fermenting with these 2. Anyway, my hair is soft and beautiful. It also smells good. 

2. Don’t wash your hair with warm water.

People who like taking a hot shower don’t like this anymore. who would like to recommend not to use warm water to wash your hair because warm water will cause our hair to be heated and lose more moisture in the hair is the advantage that it uses the pool Use it to wash and relax. But there are still many negative effects on the hair. Therefore, try to wash your hair with normal temperature water for the best. It doesn’t have to be cold or warm water at all, in fact, use water that is not normal, cold or hot water. May cause the balance of the body to change and cause a fever or cold as well. This is another important point that is not allergic to damaged hair at all.

3. Nourish with treatment.

Wash your hair with the same shampoo that everyone uses as well as conveniently. But will focus on using formulas that help restore damaged hair from heat will help our hair to come back better. But just shampoo, of course, can’t take it~ So we have to nourish the hair with treatment. I’m sure that I can resurrect a lot. If someone has very damaged hair, you may need to use conditioner before shampooing 1 time, rinse and wash with shampoo. After that, use another hair fermentation treatment. to add moisture and nourish hair Just like this, our damaged hair will be restored even more.

4. Use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair.

hair damage from heat We have to protect it by using a heat protection spray for the hair. These are not difficult to find, but not easy because they are rarely sold. But the ones that are available for sale are not very powerful, the price is attractive, school age can still buy almost all of them. How to use it is very easy. Just spray it on wet hair, rub it, massage it, let it absorb into your hair for a bit, then use a hair dryer to blow it. That is, when using it, you may not see the obvious result of how well it works. But if we stop using it, we will see the obvious results that Can’t live without heat protection spray. The heart asks for a picture. I want everyone to come into this industry. Guarantee that you can’t go out > – <

5. Focus on drying your hair with cool air.

Apply heat protection spray but finally blow your hair with cool air. Everyone, don’t be confused yet. We recommend this way so that I don’t get hurt too much, sure enough. Even though I have to be exposed to the wind from the hair dryer, it’s cold air. It’s not that cold. For sure, it’s best to use a heat protection spray too. And when blowing, focus on using it as a cool air. But if the rhythm is urgent, must hurry to blow If you need to use hot air, it can be used. Because we already spray heat protection. But if anyone hasn’t posted yet It is recommended that you continue to use cold air to blow. Otherwise, we definitely won’t be resurrected.

6. If you have to use heat on your hair. Use only the right amount.

If you want to keep dry, crispy hair from being attacked by heat, restore it to a sleek, beautiful style. Must try to avoid using heat as much as possible. No, it’s even better because it won’t damage your hair at all. And there’s no lack of moisture either. But if you really need to use it, use it at the right temperature, no more than 180 will be the best. Otherwise I will be more broken. but if someone has very bad hair can’t split ends That is, let’s avoid it. Or maybe have to use a lower 150 light to do the hair, which is no different from not doing it at all Therefore, anyone with severely damaged hair should not use heat at all.

7. Apply hair oil every time.

Another helper that will make our hair soft and flowing. Plus, it smells so good, that’s the use of oil to nourish the hair itself. The oil now smells so good. In addition to using it, my hair smells good. It also helps our hair to be soft, smooth, arranged beautifully, locking the hair to prevent frizz as well. When using hair oil, it is recommended to gently press it a little at a time and use it only from the ends of the hair to the middle of the hair. Never use it on your scalp! Because otherwise our hair will be very fast. The more you do this, the more greasy it is like a frying pan with a fried egg. Don’t try to do it.

Complete all 7 methods. I can tell you that it’s very easy. It’s not complicated at all > _ < Plus, the items that will be used to nourish the hair are not too hard to find, anyone can definitely do it. However, we have to keep doing it often, don’t be impatient and hurry it back to be good quickly, that is, these things need to be repaired, at least for 1 month in order to see better results. Fast, but if anyone wants it to be good, it may have to go to the hairdresser for a treatment. They already have more methods and equipment than us, so the quality of resurrecting is better than normal. Anyway, let’s try to decide.