Foods you should-shouldn’t eat If you are at risk of “gout”

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high blood uric acid In addition to being a risk factor for gout, gallstones and nephritis May affect patients with tinnitus, ringing in the ears and house rotation. By constricting the blood vessels Poor blood supply to the auditory nerve and balance organs As a result, problems with hearing and balance can occur.

uric acid in the body Approximately 80% is formed in the body and 20% is from food intake. High Caused by the body’s production of uric acid than normal. Or eat foods that are high in purines. Causing abnormally high levels of uric acid in the UFABET blood

Foods you should-shouldn't eat If you are at risk of "gout"

What is “uric acid”?

” Uric acid ” is a substance that occurs within our body. While the other 20% is brought in from eating purine-containing foods. Offal some vegetables and some seafood

If the body has too much “uric acid”, what will be the effect?

Normally, our body excretes excess uric acid through urine. But within the body of some people will not be able to drive out all uric acid. causing accumulation within the body especially around the bone Arterial walls and kidneys (kidneys are organs that do blood purification + excrete uric acid through the urine), so when the body can’t drive uric acid out, it will cause sediment to accumulate when a long time can cause gout.

Therefore, people with abnormally high blood uric acid. High-purine foods should be avoided (item 1) and moderate-purine foods should be reduced (item 2).

  1. Foods that should be avoided (high in purines) include: Animal offal such as liver, pancreas, intestines, spleen, heart, brain, gizzard, gizzard – Gravy, shrimp paste, yeast –


          , shrimp, mussels, organic fish, anchovies

          – Sardines, roe

          – Cha-Om , Acacia, Mushrooms

          – Red Beans, Mung Beans, Soybeans, Black Beans

          – Poultry such as Duck, Chicken, Goose

          – Meat Extract, Cubes
  2. food to reduce (Medium purines) include:      – Meat such as pork, cow

          – All kinds of fish (except catfish, mackerel, anchovies, sardines) and seafood such as squid,


          – Peanuts, green

          peas – Some vegetables such as bamboo shoots, asparagus, flowers Cabbage, Spinach, Stump, Cassia leaves

          – Oatmeal

          – Beer, spirits, wine, wine (decreases urinary excretion of uric acid The level of uric acid in the blood rises rapidly)
  3. food that can be eaten normally (containing few purines) include:      – Rice, except oats

          – Bean sprouts, kale

          – Various fruits

          – Eggs

          – Milk, butter and margarine

          – Bread, sweets or sugar

          – Vegetable and animal fats