“Salt” addicted to eating salty with 5 dangers that are more than “kidney disease”

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If you think that eating salty food will only cause kidney disease Absolutely wrong. Because if someone is addicted to salty taste Eat salty, eat too much. May be at risk of many dangerous diseases that are accidentally may be more frightening than kidney disease

"Salt" addicted to eating salty with 5 dangers that are more than "kidney disease"

The danger of being addicted to salt

  1. salt retention and water in various organs

If you notice carefully When we eat very salty. We begin to feel thirsty. and make us drink more water and the water from the cell into the plasma. Thus causing arterial water (Intravascular fluid, IVF) increases and if it increases, it will cause salt and water retention in various organs. Which is harmful to the heart causing fluid in the lungs and edema

  1. heart attack

If the body is unable to get rid of excess salt and water in the body. The retention of salt and water in various organs such as the limbs, heart and lungs. Water buildup in the body increases the risk of heart attacks.

  1. high blood pressure

There are many factors that are believed to cause high UFABET blood pressure, including heredity, obesity, blood lipid levels. mental stress Including habits and lifestyles such as eating salty food In normal conditions, the body has a mechanism to adjust blood pressure to always be at a normal and constant level. but if the body is in an abnormal state when The blood pressure adjustment process may not work properly. and can cause high blood pressure

4.affect the kidneys

from water retention and high blood pressure makes the kidneys work harder to increase the body’s filtration of excess sodium and water The result is an increase in the pressure in the kidney unit. and more leakage of protein in the urine It also stimulates the body to make certain substances. which causes the kidneys to deteriorate faster

  1. affecting other organs throughout the body

getting too much sodium It causes the level of blood pressure to increase. especially in the elderly Patients with chronic kidney disease, obese people and patients with diabetes . High blood pressure causes negative effects on blood vessels in various organs such as the heart and brain, resulting in coronary artery disease, paralysis and paralysis. Already high blood if eating the right amount of sodium. in conjunction with antihypertensive drugs can lower blood pressure better than those who take antihypertensive drugs But getting too much sodium

How to reduce salt addiction

  1. Reduce the amount of seasoning with high sodium content such as salt, fish sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce, soup, seasoning sauce, sauces, etc.
  2. Use spices to enhance the flavor of food. to replace the use of high-sodium condiments
  3. Choose to consume condiments with lower sodium content than usual.
  4. Reduce drinking various soups, water from stir-fried vegetables, various soups, etc.
  5. Avoid or reduce the consumption of foods that are cooked with strong salty taste such as salted eggs, salted fish, sun-dried fish, Som Naem fish, sausages, Chinese sausages, shredded pork, frozen foods, instant foods, etc.
  6. Always check the sodium content on the nutrition label. We should not consume more than 5 grams of salt per day (2,400 milligrams of sodium).