Rohl is confident Werner will regain his confidence.

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Despite having done a great job with RB Leipzig, but after moving to Chelsea. It seems Timo Werner is still unable to get his good form back and the number of goals is few. Down than before, although there are opportunities for teammates. But with the team’s central striker scoring very few goals like this. Timo Werner has been criticized quite a bit and Chelsea. Did not wait to pull Romelu Lukaku to join the team to solve the problem of very few goals immediately.

The arrival of Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner was reduced to only a substitute. Plus news of the transfer came out immediately. There were many teams wanted Timo Werner. But Timo Werner wants to stay at Chelsea to prove himself fit to be a Chelsea starter. Although his performance on the pitch may not be satisfactory. Timo Werner was called up to the German national team for the World Cup qualifiers.

Danny Rohl hopes Timo Werner can regain his confidence after continuing to start with the German national team, Danny Rohl said in an interview: “We have There are many strikers to choose from and are ready to become a great striker, especially Timo Werner, but he needs to regain his confidence as soon as possible, which his continued appearances with the German national team should be. It gives Timo Werner’s confidence back again.”