Lampard reveals how he turned the game at halftime and watched one player after his comeback win over Palace

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Frank Lampard, Everton manager Revealed how to change the game for the team in the second half. After the Toffees turned from 2-0 down in the first half, they came back to beat Crystal Palace 3-0 last night.

 Frank Lampard admitted he ‘pretended’ in the dressing room at half-time in Everton’s Premier League comeback win over Crystal Palace on Thursday. May 2022), which keeps them surviving in the top flight. This game, the Toffees were two goals behind but returned three goals in a row in the second half and ultimately won 3-2 at Goodison Park. Lampard told Sky Sports after the match and opened up about how he turned the tide at halftime.

          He said: “To be honest, sometimes as a manager, You have to pretend. Don’t show your feelings because you have to try to change people. inspire people Little has changed, Dele Alli has been substituted. Dele is amazing.” “The style of the team. We change before halftime. But we can provide some information. My point is it’s not a tactical change. It’s the mood right now. And it’s a character and can you fuel the crowd? Can you score goals quickly to get us back into the game and you have to believe everything ? forward to them which they deserve all the credit.”

          Lampard admits he is ‘overwhelmed with emotion’ after Everton’s survival in the top flight. He added that “It means a lot. For this club with the situation we do. Because in the first half we didn’t die and get buried. But the outside might say so.” “And then the characters of this club, the fans, the players pulled us in. The spirit of the club is huge. to succeed today That’s my players, my fans, my board, my staff. A big night for Everton. And now we want to move forward.”

          Lampard also admitted he almost cried after the final whistle. which he is unable to hide his emotions And that feeling persisted until his post-game press conference. He told the media that “I think I almost cried. [at the end of the match] I think I was really surprised by it, no one could question the celebration at the end of the game.” ‘But you haven’t won any trophies.’ You know what? It’s been a few months coming to work at this club and seeing how hard it is and how hard it is and how much survival in the league means to people. ironic And then come and see the character they have, see the fans on the pitch full of heart and soul.”  “They helped us achieve this. They were more than the 12th player, but the players deserved a huge amount of credit. A great night.”

          Lampard has had a successful career as a footballer. However, he believes Everton’s win was a huge achievement for him, he admits to being very proud. To be the team manager of the Taffy Blue on a night like last Thursday night. And he believes this club is truly special.

          He added: “It was one of the greatest moments in my life and career as a footballer. I was very fortunate to have such an amazing time. especially at Chelsea as a player and a coach.” “But when you feel the feelings and fear of relegation it’s different You have to try, you lose a lot of games, you fight for something and you lose another game.” “People think you should be higher in the table and it never was. Came here three and a half months ago with my amazing staff, hard working positive people. And try to make an impact and get the reaction from the players, from the fans and a sense of unity when it seems to split up. “ This UFABET club is special. And I’m proud to be Everton’s manager tonight.”