Scholes: Ronaldo is way above Cantona

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been a mainstay at Juventus for the past three years. Despite entering the end of his career before moving back to Manchester United again at the age of 36. Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to become a mainstay of Manchester United as usual. Scoring four goals in just three appearances though. Now turning 36 years old. But Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical condition is still very strong.

Paul Scholes revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo looks a lot better than Eric Cantona. Especially in preparing his body for the English Premier League, Paul Scholes said in an interview. “Eric Cantona is a player who trains all the time, but he rarely goes to the gym to prepare his physical condition, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, who always goes to the gym. It will be before practice or after practice to prepare the body to be ready at all times.”

“Personally, I have never seen anyone as professional as Cristiano Ronaldo, and most importantly, he trains vigorously, either scoring goals from set-pieces or running short distances. Cristiano Ronaldo also does what English players don’t. “Cristiano Ronaldo contributed 118 goals in all of his appearances for Manchester United. 292 games and also helped Manchester United to win the English Premier League 3 times and the UEFA Champions League one more time before deciding to move to Real Madrid and was very successful.