Wenger reveals he should be responsible for Wilshere’s injury

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Jack Wilshere was once known as a promising young player from the days of Arsenal. Which Jack Wilshere did quite well. Although he has recovered from injury and has been able to play. In the end, Jack Wilshere still has an injury problem.

A persistent chronic injury. Jack Wilshere seemed to be a surplus for Arsenal before being sent to West Ham United. Which Jack Wilshere rarely received. The opportunity to play well with injuries that have been bothering all the time. The severe Covid-19 situation has led West Ham United to decide to terminate Jack Wilshere’s contract immediately before moving to Bournemouth. Only 6 months Jack Wilshere has become a player without an agency already.

As of yet, no team has brought in Jack Wilshere. Arsene Wenger admits he is responsible for Jack Wilshere’s injury problems by Arsene Wenger. The interview said: “VAR has come in to help keep players safer. Because in the past technical players were often attacked by the opposite side. That Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey had. The previous injury issues were also my responsibility to bring them on the pitch.”