Benitez angered after his players were eliminated in the Carabao Cup.

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Everton have lost just one of their six appearances. Winning four of them and facing three unbeaten Queens Park Rangers in a row. Still losing two straight matches. It should not be a hard task for Rafael Benitez’s team. Although there is a rotation of players into the field. But Queens Park Rangers are the leading goalscorer. Go first from Charley Austin, although Luca Digne has scored an equalizer for Everton successfully, but Charley Austin has scored one more for Queens Park Rangers and is the side. Take the lead in the first half.

Before Andros Townsend had equalized for Everton but after that the two teams couldn’t do anything so they had to win the penalty shootout before Everton missed out on the losing streak. The frame was disappointing, which Rafael Benitez was very upset with the result, despite the fact that the team had to close the game in 90 minutes, Rafael Benitez said in an interview: We did quite satisfactory results and were able to create 17 goals scored when we were away from home.”

“Plus, we’ve been chasing two equalizers, that shows that our mentality is still great but we need to do better, especially finishing in the final area and A small mistake can make the difference instantly on the pitch, although we have plenty of chances to finish the game in 90 minutes.”