Lijnders: Minamino still has a future at Liverpool

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After showing good form with Red Bull Salzburg. Liverpool immediately brought in Takumi Minamino to join the team in January 2020 in hopes of strengthening the attacking game. The opportunity to play continuously before being loaned to Southampton last season Takumi Minamino. It also proved itself in the English Premier League. Not until there was news about the team moving out immediately.

Plus previously, Liverpool had plans to release many surplus players from the team. Pep Lijnders insisting that Takumi Minamino has a future at Liverpool. It is confident that Takumi Minamino has enough potential. To become the main character of Liverpool to be successful in the future by Pepin Linders in an interview that.

“Takumi Minamino performed satisfactorily in the warm-up. Come to be the main character of Liverpool again, although a bit of an injury disturbed in the previous period, but Takumi Minamino will come back strong again and we are very okay that Takumi Minamino is still part of us.”