Franc happy after Fors pressed 4 to lead Brentford to victory

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After a 77-year hiatus from the top-flight. Brentford were finally promoted. But with such a long hiatus. Many speculated that Bren Tford are unlikely to survive but their past performances have not. Excellent results from three wins in their last six games. As for Oldham, the Carabao Cup is unlikely to be a difficult task for Brentford.

Plus, it took Brentford just four minutes to get a goal up ahead from Marcus Fors, then Brentford added four more goals, plus Marcus Fors could do. A first-half hat-trick continued into the second half, Marcus Fors added one more goal before Ioan Wissa added another to help Brentford beat Old. Especially Marcus Fors, who scored four goals. Tomas Franc said in an interview that

“Marcus Fors did everything exactly the same as when we trained and he scored four goals in the last game and he deserves 10 out of 10. The first second on the field and it’s not just the first goal that came quickly, because over 90 minutes we did a great job and also scored a lot of goals. Fight hard like Liverpool