Hasenhuttl is satisfied with the performance of the team.

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Southampton’s Austrian manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has been delighted with the performance of his players in the latest game. After securing three key points despite facing tougher Tottenham Hotspur. Tspur as well

Although Southampton’s performance is getting better. But because they are only a UFABET team in the middle of the table. The score is a lot behind the team that has been ranked much higher. There is little hope of securing a ticket to the European Cup. Although there is still There are many more matches to come. A trip to Tottenham Hotspur. They are in need of a win for the chance to move up to the top four. It would not be an easy task for Southampton, given their potential. Different teams for different subjects

And it was Tottenham Hotspur who had scored twice before, but Southampton successfully equalized before turning over to take the lead after scoring the second equalizer just 2 minutes and Southampton Was able to collect 3 important points back, which Ralph Hasenhuttl was satisfied that Southampton were able to get the win back even if they had to visit a strong team like Tottenham. Pur was followed by Ralph Hasenhuttl in an interview that

“To be honest, I don’t even know that I’ve managed 500 matches and the results have been excellent and all the players have performed satisfactorily and appropriately for the victory. Of course, the latest game, Tottenham Hotspur also fight to the fullest in order to only hope to win, but we deal with Tottenham very well and can. Successfully collected the victory.”