How are you sure! “Martial” countered “Rangnick” after being claimed he did not want to play.

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Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has hit out at Manchester United boss Rav Rangnick who accused him of not playing for the club. The News said that he never refused to play for the team in any way.

The 26-year-old. France striker was not named in Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Aston Villa. Where Rangnick said ahead of the game that Martial did not want to play for the club. Making him unnamed in this game

Martial has told Rangnick he wants to leave the club in January. With Sevilla interested in signing a contract to join the team seriously. Which is probably the reason. But what matters is why Rangnick has told the media that the French forward doesn’t want to play for the team anymore. While the players posted a denial about it. In this matter, there must be one person who is definitely lying.

I will never refuse to play for Manchester United. I have been here for seven years and I have never disrespected him. And will never do that to the UFABET  club. The supporters 26-year-old Anthony Martial posted on social media.

Martial has made 173 appearances for the Red Devils in the Premier League.

In his response, the German manager said: “He [Martial] didn’t want to be in the squad. He would have been in the squad normally but he didn’t want to and that was the reason why he didn’t travel with us.”

Under Rangnick, Martial had already fallen out of favour, and he has been linked with Newcastle United, Barcelona, and Sevilla in recent weeks. His contract runs until 2024, but this public spat appears to be pushing the French international closer to a departure from Old Trafford as he attempts to resurrect his stalled career.