Mings reveals past changes cannot be used as an excuse

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Aston Villa have emerged as a fearsome side in the 2020/21 season led by Jack Grealis. But it is Manchester City who have paid up to £100m for Jack Grealish. And Aston Villa have had some crazy reinforcements to close the gap in Jack Grealish’s absence, but the absence of Jack Grealish appears to have had an impact on Aston Villa. Aston Villa have won only two of their five Premier League appearances in the Premier League.

Plus, most recently, Aston Villa missed out on a disappointing loss to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup on penalties, with Tyrone Mings revealing Aston Villa needed to get through the tough times. And the departure of key players is no excuse for poor performance, Tyrone Mings said in an interview: “We have to go through a period where Aston Villa have to go through changes. Whether it’s the players or the team behind the scenes.”

“And what has happened lately can’t be given as an excuse for a poor performance because every team has to face the same problems that we have and the most important thing for us is to break through. It’s been a tough time and over the past two years we’ve learned that every team has to change all the time, so we have to learn every change that happens. Visit Manchester United’s Old Trafford.