Solskjaer is upset after his team lost in the last match.

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Manchester United had just beaten West Ham United narrowly in the English Premier League before being drawn together again in the Carabao Cup. Where the two teams rested almost the whole set. Sent the reserves into the field almost all but just 9 minutes. It was Manuel Lanzini scored a goal for West Ham United to lead first. Although Manchester United will try to score a goal in the equalizer. The rest of the time, but in the end. It was West Ham United who narrowly won.

In which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was upset with the result of the match. It was not so good that the engine was so slow that the team had to concede a goal early in the game. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer giving an interview that “Once again we were very slow and conceded quickly. Then we started to play better in sequence but the stats on the pitch mean nothing if we don’t score though. Son Greenwood will come down and put a lot of pressure. But it’s still not enough.”

“Even though I’m not happy with the result but we have to go through and I don’t blame the team because everyone played to the standard and the attitude of all the players was excellent. It didn’t turn out to be what we wanted. We’re already out of contention for the Carabao Cup so we need to focus on the next match.”