Dele Alli is not okay with his performance.

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Even though he moved from a non-league team like MK Dons. Dele Alli has done an excellent job and has been able to become a mainstay of Tottenham Hotspur. Has attracted the attention of many leading teams in Europe. But after that Dele Alli’s performance began to deteriorate. Until he was reduced to a role as a substitute and heavily became an excess of Tottenham Hot. Spurs go until the physical condition is perfect until there is news about the team moving out again.

But the change of manager to Nuno Santo saw Dele Alli return to the mainstay of Tottenham Hotspur again. He help Tottenham Hotspur to a straight win. Three consecutive games in the English Premier League. Before losing two in a row after the international break, Dele Alli admits that his personal form is still not satisfactory and should be improved more. This by Dele Alli said in an interview: “Personally, I am not satisfied with my performance at all.”

“As an attacking midfielder I should have scored more goals or created more chances so Tottenham can keep winning, so I need to improve myself to score more goals. Including creating chances for teammates to score goals and losing 3-0 to Chelsea in a broken match, it was a bad result that we are now ready to make up for the next match. “Tottenham Hotspur is set to visit Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.